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world. thank you for watching fox news today. ♪ ♪ >>> i'm chris wallace. the obama administration says it met its deadline to fix but it is also telling people there is no rush to sign up. >> as more enrollment deadlines are pushed back, is the website the least of obamacare's problems? we'll ask two health care experts on opposite sides of the debate, james capretta and neera tanden. plus, our sunday panel weighs in on white house efforts to lower expectations for obamacare's online relaunch. then, skepticism over last week's deal with iran that president obama is calling a victory for diplomacy. >> we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security. >> but will the deal halt iran's nuclear ambitions? we'll discuss that and the growing confrontation with china with former cia and nsa director, general michael hayden. and our power player of the week this holiday season is not your typical turkey farmer. >> i'm really happiest when i'm engaged i
gets up and running. it's just going to prove to be an invitation to find out more problems as to obama care as a whole. >> i want to talk about this big picture. do you think all of the debacle and the debacle is a tipping point for that approach to government? >> i do, thank goodness people are awakened thinking it's okay for government to deceive us and that they can give us free stuff. people have opened their eyes when they said this big policy down our throat called obama care. people have realized the tea party may have been right. >> obama care does extend coverage to 30 million americans who are now uninsured according to the nonpartisan congressional congress off? >> i am one to question those numbers. that 30 million more people will receive coverage around obama care. i don't believe a thing coming out of washington any more, isn't that a sad state of affairs where a normal american has to be so cynical of what government reports are telling us. chris, once that employer mandate kicks in, that is going to kick more and more people off private sector health care coverage they
with an early status report. thank you for that. >>> joining me now, two experts on health care, neera tanden, president of the center for american progress. she was a key member of the administration team that wrote and passed obama care. and james capretta with the ethics and public policy center. well, it only has been hours since the upgrade of from what you can tell so far, jim, start with you, has it been fixed? >> well, it is very hard to tell. we won't know for at least a month or so. the real test of is whether or not you make the right payment for the right people to the right insurance plan. it is very easy to fix the front end enrollment if you turn off controls on the back end. it is clear from multiple media reports that the system is still not accurate when it makes payments to the insurance plan. in fact, they're doing a work around. they're going to actually make large lump sum payments to the insurance plan, based on self-reporting from the insurance companies instead of actual individual subsidy calculations. they're working around the whole p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3